The Book; Skyrocket Your Academic Performance

Skyrocket Your Performance

Book Skyrocket Your Academic performance

This book is inspired by the desire to impact lives. The author. Abbey B. Mogaji used to be average in his academic. He had an encounter that changed his academic story. This encounter moved him from the rare end of his class to the front seat. He believed that his experience can help you change your academic story too.

The book contains a lot of advice and recommendation that will help students maximize their academic potentials. In the book, the author shared many interesting stories of people who overcame academic stagnation, how the overcame and what they do to overcome.

I can bet that this book will rewrite your academic story.

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Everyone has an awesome potential

Have you ever thought of it why some people succeed exceedingly and others don’t? did you think people succeed because of their potentials? And lastly, do we have any man on this planet earth without any potential? The truth is this “Potentials; when discovered, developed and maximize can lead you to success – huge one, but unwrapped potential can be a source of frustration”. On the other part, everyone created by God has a potential that can change the world for good. How do I know this “God value purpose, He had reason for everything he does. I believe He can’t spend his time create an invaluable being”. So in as much you are created by God, you are valuable.

Just as I have established, every human being had potentials, but while some people engage their potential actively, many potentials are busy sleeping – dormant. Some people had great athletic potential but never play a game, many people had pool of books that can transform the world in them but had never wrote an article. It is more than a tragedy to have something in abundance yet suffering the lack of that same thing.

Eckhart Tolle once said “You don’t become good by trying to be good, but by finding the goodness that is already within you” Everything you need to succeed is embedded in you by the creator. so if you are one of the people who think they have no potential or believe some people succeed because they are superman, this is not the time to doubt or overate but the time to search for your potentials – they are definitely there, awake them, develop, and actively engage them at your own profit. 

Failure might be blessing sometimes


ImageFailure always come with benefit, the problem is that we are not always aware of it, and we are not entitle to this benefit if we refuse to acknowledge them. Acknowledging them determines our attitude towards the so called failure, and in turn determine our altitude after failure.

How will you feel about an incident that claims your spinal cord and put you permanently on wheel chair. I am sure many people won’t be positive about it. But that was exactly what happens to Yinka Ayefele – a renown gospel artist in Nigeria. But his response was positive and the event turned everything around for him and launch him to his music career.

For many years, Ayefele worked as freelance broadcast journalist at the FRCN Ibadan Nigeria. Then not many Nigerians knew about him and his talent for music. He used to produce jingles and musical works on radio. In 1997 he had an ghastly automobile accident which claim his spinal cord, and paralyzed from the waist down. After spending nine month on hospital bed, his friend, Kola Olotu advised that instead of wasting away in the hospital, he can put some songs together. Yinka put up some tracks which he called “Bitter Experience” the plan was for him to launch the album and use the generated fund for further medical treatment abroad. The success of bitter experience made Ayefele a household in music industry. Today, Ayefele is on the top list of entertainer in Nigeria despite the fact that he never left the wheelchair after the 1997 incident. Failure always come with series of opportunities, Ayefele was fortunate enough to identify, utilize and maximize his opportunity.

The same way, you can change the way you see failure just like Yinka Ayefele did, and you will maximize the hidden benefit that comes with it.

Time ordering for effective achievement

Time is an instance or single occasion for some event, while ordering is logical or comprehensible arrangement of separate elements. It is not an exaggeration to say the concept of time cannot be overemphasis by anyone who intended to live a successful life. Time is a compound made up of three elements namely past, present and future, every human being is exposed to these periods of time, effective ordering of these elements of time determines the degree of a man’s success.

The past is the period of time that has already happened –  the time that has elapsed. The present is the period of time that is happening or relating to now; it is an intermediate between past and future. And the future is the period of time ahead; I mean the period yet to be experienced. To put it simple, let me relate it with yesterday, today and tomorrow. Yesterday is a day before today, which is the past. Today is the current day, the day that include the present moment, which I called the present. And tomorrow is the day after the present day, which I represented as the future. There is a common saying ”today is the child of yesterday and the parent of tomorrow” in the same way I will say “present is the child of past and the parent to the future.”

The explanation and illustration above suggest to us the normal order – arrangement – of time, which is Past  →Present →  future. Our past is behind us, so it demand less attention. We live in the present, and it demand more attention. The future is ahead, we are expected to focus on it.

The major problem is that many live and focus in their past, pay little attention to the present and pay no attention to the future. These people spend quality time wallowing in regret of the past. The unintended consequence of this action is a life full of frustration and depression and nothing more.

“past is an experience, present is an experiment, and future is the expectation. Use you experience in your experiments to achieve your expectations”. 

Some  people on their part live in the future forget that “our future will definitely express what we are doing at present”, they live in the imagination of the future doing nothing to make this their awesome imagination a reality. How do you know your stand? If you are always depressed, you are living in the past, if you are living in anxious, you are living in the future, if you are living at peace, you are living in the present. This is my advise “Guide how you order your time because anything that succeed in rearranging your time has succeed in caging your destiny” 

Mystery trails man’s death

The mystery surrounding the death of a young man at Erusu in Akoko North West Local Council of Ondo State on the third day of the new year still remains unravelled. The man whose name was Dada was
reportedly found dead in a stretch of bush between Erusu and Ibaram Akoko along Ikare-Ajowa Road.
Although the actual cause of his death could not be established, it was allegedly claimed Dada was shot dead by robbers at dawn when he was going to farm. The robbers were said to have killed him when making an effort to escape being captured by them. An Erusu resident who preferred anonymity supported the fact that Dada might have been killed by the robbers.

Another report had it that Dada was likely to have been killed by a vigilante group assigned to man the area in an attempt by the neighboring groups to forestall the reoccurrence of recently frequent robbery attacks being experienced.
Commenting on the incident, Mr Ajayi an Erusu resident wondered why the deceased should be in such a dangerous area in the early hours of the day. A number of people who shared Mr Ajayi’s view believed that Dada was likely poisoned where he had gone to rob or attend a party in a neighboring community.
In the recent times, the bush stretching between Erusu and Ibaram bordering Ikare-Ajowa Road has got infested with robbers who have become a serious threat to travellers and the people who live nearby.

Photonews: Synagogue distributes rice to people

The head of The Synagogue Church of all Nations, Pastor Temitope Joshua  have  brought ,in articulated lorries, loads of rice  to Arigidi-Akoko which are now being  distributed to  people in need. His compound with its vicinity is seething with crowd of individuals, from different parts of Akoko, eager to get  bags of rice. Today, since morning, the Synagogue Church workers have, endlessly, been busy with the distribution. The service of the police has been used to check some desperate individuals, hooligans, who have attempted to create chaos there.

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